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Sunset Live Music Cruise

Sit back, relax and enjoy a leisurely cruise as we set out to witness one of Door County’s magnificent sunsets. 

Enjoy live music and brief narratives identifying breathtaking sites on shore and on the waters of Green Bay. This tour route varies to ensure the best possible sunset viewing opportunities. Don’t forget to bring your camera!
Expires: June 18, 2029

Explore Peninsula Park Caves and Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

Enjoy an insightful narrative as our 125-passenger tour boat, Norra Dorr, wanders the shores of Green Bay towards Peninsula State Parks 145 year-old Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.

As we move south, past the village of Ephraim, you’ll learn about its rich history and heritage as well as the millionaire’s estate “Englemar” on Horseshoe Island.

Have your cameras ready as we approach Peninsula State Park and get an up close and personal view of Eagle Cave, 40 feet above the shoreline! Hear stories of French Explorers and early Indian inhabitants at Nicolet Bay as we pull around Welker’s point in the Park.

As we approach the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, keep an eye out for native wildlife such as whitetail deer drinking along the shore or a fly by from one of the abundant Bald Eagles in the area!
Expires: June 18, 2029

North Shore to Death's Door Crossing: North Shore to Death's Door Crossing

Capture the essence of Door County as this trip includes great human history and breathtaking scenery, both natural and man-made. We begin our journey with a cruise along Sister Bay’s north shore into Liberty Grove, admiring some of the best man-made beauty this county has to offer along Beach Road.

As we approach the towering bluffs of Ellison Bay Bluff Park, search the treetops for Wisconsin’s largest private home nestled along the bayside bluffs and be sure to wave as we pass onlookers at the County Park’s infamous lookout! Our trip continues north towards the rocky steeps of Door Bluff Headlands Park.

Along the way you’ll hear stories of Northern Door County’s rich commercial fishing heritage, tales of the Lake’s historical shipwrecks and even the story of Death’s Door’s bluff battle between local tribes creating the waterways title.

With clear skies, you may also get a glimpse of Washington Island’s southwest shores about 5 miles across Death’s Door before we venture back south along the shore to Sister Bay!
Expires: June 18, 2029

Eagle Bluff & Horseshoe Island Excursion

This tour is slightly shorter than our other tours at a great price point. We will depart the Sister Bay Marina and head South towards the Village of Ephraim while learning about it's unique history. We'll then take you past Eagle Bluff where you'll see sea caves in the rock formations, while being surrounded by Peninsula State Park and Horseshoe Island.
Expires: June 18, 2029

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