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Capture the essence of Door County as this trip includes great human history and breathtaking scenery, both natural and man-made. We begin our journey with a cruise along Sister Bay’s north shore into Liberty Grove, admiring some of the best man-made beauty this county has to offer along Beach Road.

As we approach the towering bluffs of Ellison Bay Bluff Park, search the treetops for Wisconsin’s largest private home nestled along the bayside bluffs and be sure to wave as we pass onlookers at the County Park’s infamous lookout! Our trip continues north towards the rocky steeps of Door Bluff Headlands Park.

Along the way you’ll hear stories of Northern Door County’s rich commercial fishing heritage, tales of the Lake’s historical shipwrecks and even the story of Death’s Door’s bluff battle between local tribes creating the waterways title.

With clear skies, you may also get a glimpse of Washington Island’s southwest shores about 5 miles across Death’s Door before we venture back south along the shore to Sister Bay!