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Sunday Christian Church Service

Come join the Christian community (the Church) as we gather in His name to rejoice in the Gospel. Take part in worship through singing and teaching from His Word by a different church leader presiding over the service each week. Come see what the Father has in store for you as we partake in His marvelous creation by cruising the local waters of Door County. Recognize His majesty and give thanks for the breath-taking views this beautiful coastline has to offer. To God be the glory! What a special experience to gather and fellowship in the Spirit in such a stunning setting. Please join us for a Sabbath day of rest and let us simply follow the example of Jesus.

Price: FREE

* Book online - first come, first served - space is limited

Departure: 2 pm each Sunday

* Non-denominational worship service each Sunday June 19th - September 4th

Length: 1.5 hours


• Refreshments will be offered, but no money will be exchanged on this day.

• This cruise does not require your Sunday best clothing. Dress appropriately for outdoor weather. The upper level of the boat is exposed, while the lower level is covered.

• Rain and/or wind days will require the service to take place while parked at the dock. Rain forcing passengers from the upper level will make the lower level very crowded, possibly with standing room only.

• Please no pets on Sundays as the boat will be very busy.